Top 5 Concepts I Learned by “Learning How To Learn”

“Plan to Process the Diffuse Pomodoro Chunks.” This obscure phrase is a mnemonic I devised to help me remember the 5 most important concepts I learned in the course “Learning How To Learn”. More specifically, these concepts are: Importance of PlanningProcess over ProductDiffuse versus Focused ThinkingPomodoro TechniqueBuild a Chunk Library In this post, I’d like … Continue reading Top 5 Concepts I Learned by “Learning How To Learn”

Computer Science Transcript

Around the beginning of 2018, I began self-teaching Computer Science. Although I understood the basics of CS, I realized I would need to dive deeper and strengthen my CS fundamentals. I've made steady progress through a course list that is a combination of Open Source Society University (OSSU) and Teach Yourself Computer Science. When I … Continue reading Computer Science Transcript